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Rights of Light insurance for £100m+ mixed use scheme   

ISSUE: Contentious Rights of Light issues raised at an advanced stage of project development and extensive research required to investigate the nature of the possible claimants in the light of anticipated appropriation for planning purposes by the local authority 


Due diligence wrapper £250m+ corporate sale 

ISSUE: The Seller's legal team were under a tight timescale on a corporate transaction where the company being sold owned a portfolio of circa 300 commercial properties. A limited number of purchasers were keen to buy, the Seller required that the matter compete quickly  

SOLUTION: Having reviewed extensive historical information and site development history, IREDD secured a competitively priced insurance solution to avoid an otherwise time-consuming legal review and uncertain negotiation process thus circumventing delays at a critical stage of this major city centre regeneration project  


SOLUTION: Working closely with the Seller's legal team, IREDD arranged a comprehensive "good and marketable" insurance wrapper around the properties being sold which capitalised on existing due diligence for the benefit of the purchaser and its funders enabling the matter to complete within the timeframe required and offering an overall saving on transaction costs

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