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At IREDD we believe collaboration is key.


Having placed over £10bn of risk into the insurance markets, we combine an intelligent approach to real estate due diligence with "A" rated insurance capacity.  This enables the effective transfer of legal risk arising in real estate transactions.
Together we get the deal done. 


Make IREDD part of your team

We don't sell insurance to you, we sell your risk to the insurer


Our Approach​

Established in 2010, IREDD has long been considered a pioneer of innovative practices saving clients costs and time.

Working closely with our clients, at IREDD we have enabled deals and removed barriers to finance, which otherwise would have resulted in transactions being abandoned.


IREDD acts exclusively for the insured and as a member of your team offers:​


  • A platform on which to mitigate risk

  • Access to the "A" rated insurers in the legal indemnity market

  • Certainty, lower transaction costs and greater liquidity

​At its core, the IREDD approach is insurance-backed not insurance-led, using a combination of experience and expertise to create practical and commercial solutions that cater for transactional and developmental constraints and that are not readily available elsewhere.


We are very happy to discuss any matters or transactions and  the application of the IREDD approach at any time. 

"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them" 
Albert Einstein

"Many thanks, again, for the great work on this and all the time you invested   – I am very pleased we were able to get something in place!"

Senior consultant - Strutt & Parker 

"...Ensuring a property is 'ready for sale' is ... crucial in challenging economic times... [and leads to] material improvement in transaction times and transaction costs...avoids nasty surprises for either party"
"Readiness for Sale" Investment Property Forum 

The following are some of our trusted partners:

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