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Intelligent Real Estate Due Diligence


Specialist Legal Indemnity Insurance Advisers

"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them" 
Albert Einstein

"Success depends on intuition, on seeing what afterwards proves true but cannot be established at the moment"

 Joseph A. Schumpeter


Specialists in legal indemnity insurance - your trusted adviser

Established in 2010, IREDD provides an in depth understanding of real estate investment fundamentals and has pioneered an innovative, independent service using the legal indemnity insurance market. IREDD provides a unique client side, broker service for the insured. IREDD assesses  and analyses issues so that they are understood before it approaches any insurer, IREDD does not just act as a  “postbox”.

At IREDD we understand that commercial real estate ("CRE") is an important factor in the business “manufacturing and supply chain” process as well as being a major investment asset class.  The legal right to use occupy and continue to enjoy the income stream produced by commercial property without  interference from a third party is,  in our view the essential “financial risk" against which a client transacting commercial property usually wishes to protect itself. 


The traditional approach to transacting CRE in the UK is not fit for purpose in the 21st century notwithstanding the vitally important role that CRE plays in UK plc - the value of CRE in modern Britain is just over £1,662 bn, which amounts to just under 20% of national wealth.  (see - BRITAIN’S PROPERTY CREDENTIALS - Toscafund/BPF report January 2016).     

Acting exclusively for the insured - not the insurer

IREDD - As specialist independent advocate for the insured:


  • acts in the best interests of the insured - we do not represent and are not tied to any insurer

  • has established relationships with all the major insurers in this market 

  • specialises in tailoring legal indemnity insurance arrangements to suit our client’s needs

  • is a specialist legal indemnity insurance broker 

  • uses only well rated insurance capacity


IREDD specialises in using legal indemnity insurance to protect and preserve the value of real estate assets for all owners and occupiers and to enhance security for lenders. IREDD can help to minimise legal costs and save time by using insurance to maximise available due diligence. IREDD offers a unique service which connects the real estate industry and its advisers to the appropriate insurance markets.


Access to leading insurers


If you are a lawyer or other professional acting for a client that needs legal indemnity insurance,  you can take comfort from the fact that IREDD has access to all the major insurers in the legal indemnity market. 



  • recognises the demands and needs that the client may have for legal indemnity insurance 

  • selects appropriate insurance products and/or will negotiate bespoke solutions for individual transactions


Price  should rarely be the only or main consideration when effecting insurance cover - the main consideration is the protection of the insured’s interests, so that the insurance arrangements when placed meet the particular demands and needs of the insured.


IREDD focuses on the creative use of legal indemnity insurance capacity to ease and facilitate transactions involving real estate.  With many years of real estate experience, IREDD understands its client's business and is able to provide tailored insurance solutions when necessary. IREDD provides a proactive and highly professional service to enable its clients to enhance their  business offering. 


Expertise and experience


IREDD brings together technical expertise and a wealth of experience.  The core of the IREDD approach is the combination of relevant expertise and experience with imagination to create practical, commercial, insurance-based solutions which are not readily available elsewhere.  

We are very happy to discuss any matters or transactions and  the application of the IREDD approach at any time. If you are not sure whether the issue you are considering might be capable of being addressed by a suitable legal indemnity insurance policy then please feel free to contact us for a discussion  without commitment.

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